Salernes - Famous for it's ceramics in Provence

Salernes is a small town in the Bresque valley, dominated by the ruins of it's 13th-century chateau, and famous for its ceramics,.

Salernes, like Vallauris in the Alpes-Maritimes, became a pottery center because of the natural deposits of clay (argile) rich in iron oxides, as well as the abundance of clear water and the forests to feed the fires of the kilns. The activity of the town is intense and is organized around the production of little "tomettes" - red hexagonal floor tiles - that are typical of Provence and are known worldwide.

In Maison Meimosa, situated in Flayosc village, all the floors are made with original 17th century tomettes. This gives the house a warm red natural deep red terracotta feel. Which is typical in this region of Provence in historical houses.

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Location: Flayosc
Region: Var, Provence
South of France
Near: Draguignan


Prior to the 19th century Salernes had an agricultural economy, producing wine, olive oil, figs, wheat, peaches and melons, as well as some silk and hats. In the first part of the 19th century many small shops began producing various clay products for local usage, including bricks, tiles, pipes and pottery.

When the exceptional quality of the iron-rich clay became evident, they began specialising in a small red hexagonal floor-tile called "tomette". Around 1850, the "tomette" started developing into the principal product of Salernes, with important exports, first to the South of France, Toulon, Marseille and Nice, and then on to Italy and Africa and America. The "tomette" remained the main product of Salernes for a hundred years. It's still popular today, although from around 1950, Salernes began developing several new ceramic products, but still specialising in various floor tiles.

Today the Salernes ceramics tradition is maintained by 15 ceramists and 4 potters. Approximately 300 people work in its 15 factories.

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Property Details
Provence gite
Two double bedrooms
2 double beds
1 single bed
Sleeps 5
Roof terrace
Fire place
Original spiral staircase
Separate WC
Large bathroom and bath
Over 8 restaurants and bars
on the doorstep
Lots of parking
Distance to key places
Nice Airport 55 minutes
Toulon Airport 75 minutes
Nearest beach 30 minutes
Nearest train station, Les Arcs 10 minutes
Cannes 45 minutes
St. Tropez 45 minutes
St. Maxime 30 minutes
St. Raphael 30 minutes
Grasse 55 minutes
Marseille 2 hours
Maison Mimosa

Tel: +44 (0)20 8144 8128